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4 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Exterior Business Sign

Nearly 50% of the foot traffic a new business receives is generated by on-premises signage. Whether you recently opened your business or you have been in operation for many years, keeping your exterior signage in good shape is important. As the years go by, the exterior signage you have in place will start to look old and worn. Leaving this outdated signage in place can lead to potential customers getting the wrong idea about your business.

This is why investing in a new and appealing exterior signage is a must. Allowing experienced professionals to help you during the sign design process is crucial when trying to avoid mistakes. Here are some reasons why replacing your existing exterior signage is a good idea.

1. Getting Rid of a Damaged Sign is Wise

Attracting attention from the people who pass by your commercial building is something that will require the right equipment. A well-placed and expertly designed sign can help you get the attention you are after. However, if the sign out in front of your business is damaged or worn, it can actually drive traffic away from your store. While a new exterior sign is expensive, it is definitely worth the investment.

With a bright new exterior sign, you can alert people passing by to the fact that your business is open and ready to serve them. Ideally, you want to invest in a new sign that features a powerful backlit. With this light, you will be able to make your sign stand out more, which can help improve the flow of traffic to your storefront.

2. Solving Issues Involving Signage Visibility

When first purchasing a sign for your business, you may be bound by your budget. Instead of not purchasing a sign because you can’t afford exactly what you want, you need to put something in place. If the sign you have to settle for is too small, you need to replace it with something bigger and more noticeable.

If the sign you have is barely visible, consumers will look right past it. Rather than dealing with the problems, this will cause, you need to consult with business signage professionals to figure out how to design a large and eye-catching sign. The right sign design and placement can help you attract attention from consumers and grow your bottom line.

3. Fixing Outdated Information on Your Existing Sign

Over the years, your business will undergo a number of changes. Making sure that the signage outside of your commercial building reflects these changes is important. If your existing sign features an old business name or lists services/products, you don’t provide anymore, making a change is imperative. With the addition of a new sign with current information, you can avoid confusing your audience.

It’s Time to Invest in a New Sign

Are you ready to change your exterior business signage? If so, contact the professionals at Chicago Sign FX, LLC, to find out more about the services we provide.

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