The Wrapping Process

Every vehicle that comes to Chicago Sign FX for wrapping or decals is cared for from receipt to delivery.  We Inspect the vehicle upon receipt with the client still there, in order verify vehicle is void of dents, dings, scratches or damage.  Client will sign off on any damage and we are responsible from there. 

The first step to any vehicle wrap is a clean vehicle.  We will ask you to bring the vehicle clean from an inexpensive car wash, then we will give a no touch Foam Bath to rinse away any road grime and dust.  Dirt happens, and we know it, if a vehicle arrives with a little too much, we will hand wash and dry. The next step is paint correction.  If the vehicle is heavily pitted or layered with embedded dirt, we can clay bar the vehicles body for extreme smoothness and clarity.

Next the vehicle is brought in our state of the art shop, and the magic begins... Come by and see the difference for yourself.